Is The Moon Male Or Female?

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There is a surprising history of gender when it comes to the masculine and feminine moon. Often different cultures have different interpretations of the gender of the moon and just as many reasons for doing it. So, is the moon male or female? We will delve into some of the reasons behind the beliefs to see what we find out.

Is The Moon Male Or Female?

With so many cultures all over the world, it is nearly impossible to have a definitive answer to this question. Therefore, we will explore some of the different belief systems and see what comes up true for us individually. Let’s get to it.

Greek Mythology

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In Greek mythology, they depict the moon in a feminine form as the Goddess Selene. She is believed to drive a white chariot pulling the moon across the sky each night. Therefore, she shines brightly throughout the night sky only after the sun has begun its retreat. As a result, she brings with her new prospects of what is to come.

Roman Mythology

Roman Mythology states that the moon is feminine as well. They believe that the Goddess Luna is the embodiment of the Moon itself. And that she is in compliment to her brother the Sun God, Sol.

Chinese Celestial Cosmology

The moon is portrayed as a female entity and because of this, only women partook in rituals that took place during Moon festivals on the nights on which the full moon reigned.


Chandra is the Hindu God of the Moon. He is thought associated with the night and vegetation. They once thought the Moon a planet. Because of this, he is also one of the nine planets of Hinduism.


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The Egyptian God Khonsu was typically depicted as a male youth. He was associated with astronomy and was written about in the Pyramid Tests as Khenzu. Interestingly enough, this Moon God was also associated with great healing power.

Why Is The Sun Masculine And The Moon Feminine, The World Over?

All across the world, it is predominantly thought that the Sun is masculine and the Moon feminine.

The Masculine Sun

The sun is the greatest power source known to mankind and represents fiery power and strength. Due to this, its description is thought to be more closely aligned with being masculine.

The Feminine Moon

Why Is The Moon Associated With Femininity? Well, the Moon is universally known for depicting the rhythm of time and representing eternity and immortality as the woman does through the menstrual cycle and producing new life. She is considered to nurture and bring about change and growth and as such, it is more descriptively in line with femininity.

Is The Moon Male Or Female

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, we all have different belief systems in place and our minds comprehend facts and situations in different ways. Therefore, we may all indeed have a different answer to the question, Is the Moon male or female?

For all of the reasoning stated in the prior couple of sections, I continue to believe that the Sun is masculine, and the Moon is feminine.

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